Our Story

Our company roots were planted along the Cuyahoga River by residents of Cleveland with a passion for all spirits (though, admittedly, we completely geek out over bourbon and rye whiskey). We know what a good pour of booze tastes like, and we set out on a mission to find the best aged barrels of whiskey and other spirits in the world and share it with fellow enthusiasts

Our Spirits

Aged single barrel spirits are the flagship product line at River Roots Barrel Company. We are meticulous about scouring the globe for the absolute best spirits and single barrel offerings.

Visit Our
Tasting Room

Enjoy a single barrel selection experience where we taste 3 different single barrels.  Come by yourself or with a group, each person can pick their favorite barrel, purchase a bottle, and personalize the label of their favorite whiskey of the day.  We will show you our entire process, where we dump the barrels, the bottling machine, and the labeling of the bottle.  The label will include a custom graphic for the Single Barrel Experience.  We will include a tutorial about our mash bill and how the grains and wood of the barrel contribute to the flavors of the whiskey.

Private Barrel Picks

A lovely single barrel, just for you! Our Private Single Barrel Picks offer the opportunity to select and bottle your own single-barrel spirit. Whether you’re with a company, a group, or you’re an individual who is really particular about your booze, our team of experts will assist as you select your spirits. Then, we’ll bottle and package everything for you with your own custom labeling.

How it works:

  • Bring up to eight friends
  • Taste from three different barrels
  • Select your favorite barrel
  • We’ll bottle it and print your name and personalized graphic on the label

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